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I practiced law for 30 years as partner in a law firm and General Counsel of a large biopharma company. I practiced yoga and meditation on and off for the last 10 years of my legal career.

As I left law, I chose to focus on my health. I started meditating and practicing yoga. I spent time at Kripalu Yoga & Health Center in the Berkshires. In 2018-2019, I completed my 200 Hour residential Yoga Teacher Training at Kripalu, the Harvard of Yoga Schools. I followed with 60 hours of specialized additional training in Gentle Yoga and additional Meditation training. Along the way, I truly transformed my physical health and found greater peace of mind.

I do not claim to be an expert in Mindfulness or Yoga. My objective is simple – to share what I have learned and help you on your own path to improved physical health and a greater sense of peace and well-being. Simply, to help you be your true and best self.

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Yoga Offerings

Public Mindful
Yoga Classes

Public Mindful Yoga Classes are open and accessible to everyone! Keep in mind that I came to yoga in my 40s and more fully in my 50s after sitting in a chair full-time for many years. I was never very flexible or an athlete. If I can do Mindful Yoga -you can too! Bring your mat – or use my mats, blocks and straps. Check out the current classes – some are free!

For Non-Profits
and Good Causes

I happily offer free Mindful Yoga Classes to Non-profits and Good Causes. The classes can be provided to your staff or folks you serve. Hospitals, Schools, Prisons, etc. Just fill out the application and I will get in touch.

Mindful Yoga
for Business

Corporate Yoga. Yes, Corporate Yoga! Bring all the benefits of yoga into your business.

  • Reduce stress
  • Clear mind for better decisions
  • Increased self-confidence
  • Healthier employees with greater job satisfaction
  • Great, inexpensive benefit to attract and retain the best
  • It’s fun, creates connections and breaks down silos

Having spent 30 years at a law firm as a partner and corporations as a senior executive, I am uniquely qualified to teach Mindful Yoga in a corporate environment. I will customize classes to meet your culture and the needs of your employees.

About Mindful Yoga

Yoga is deeply rooted in mindfulness – being in the present moment with a calm mind.

Ancient yogis said the
purpose of yoga is “to cease the
fluctuations of the mind”.

Science today has confirmed that yoga can reduce stress and blood pressure, lessen anxiety and depression and improve sleep, energy level, personal relationships, mood and feelings of well-being. Practioners know a great yoga class can leave you feeling as mentally refreshed as a great night’s sleep. Of course, yoga is also proven to build strength, endurance, flexibility and balance. However, some modern yoga drifts away from yoga’s mindfulness roots and towards pure athleticism. Yoga purely for the purpose of a beach body.

I call my yoga “Mindful Yoga” to emphasize that our practice will be focused on mindfulness with the equal objective of achieving the strength, flexibility and balance benefits of yoga progressively, over time at your pace.
In its simplest terms, mindfulness is being in the present moment. Not worrying about the past or planning the future or allowing the mind to race. Yoga brings mindfulness by linking breath and movement. Breathing with movement brings you into the present moment and allows the attention to go inward plugging into compassion, gratitude, acceptance and your authentic self. Yoga – when practiced in this simple, mindful way– is a peaceful, moving meditation producing a sense of calm and well-being. Mindful Yoga readies you to face all challenges as your most-grounded, most-true and most authentic self.
Mindful Yoga is:
  • Inclusive – everybody welcome!
  • Practiced in your way to best fit your body
  • Slow to moderately paced
  • Guided with clear instructions
  • Great for beginners and advanced yogis
  • Intended to calm your mind and stretch and strengthen your body
  • Fun
Each Mindful Yoga class will include simple yogic breathing exercises first proven at UMASS Medical and Mass General Hospital to generate the “relaxation response”, warm-ups, a series of well-guided yoga postures and end with Shavasana – a relaxation exercise. Some classes will also include a guided meditation.
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